Why Listing Photos are Important

Right now, you can scan realtor.ca and sites just like it to find thousands of home on the market. If you’re looking to put your home into the mix and want to stand out, you need to know one thing – competition is fierce. The one questions we ARE constantly faced with is, “how can you help our home stand out and be seen?”

First thing’s first – your listing needs to take full advantage of the very best photography available to you. Just think how many homes you see that immediately differentiate themselves for the wrong reasons once you realize they’ve been taken from a cell phone?

We always recommend edited and eye-catching photography whereby the photography entices the buyer to imagine themselves living in that space. On average, there are over 4 million photos on REALTOR.ca, but over 14% of listings do not include any photos. Right there, your photos can put you ahead of those homes IMMEDIATELY!

Have an incredible basement? Showcase how that space is perfect to have guests over for the Super Bowl or Stanley Cup Playoffs. Have an incredible backyard or pool? Make sure it’s seen for what it is – a playground for a growing family to enjoy a safe place for children to play.

Photography like that takes skills and years of experience. It takes a keen eye to understand the angles of a room, the reflection of light and which colors stand out the most to capture the true personality of a space. A true real estate photographer will also request that the room be in immaculate and minimalist condition, a request that helps buyers envision themselves living in that space and filling it with their belongings. Photos are the most popular feature on the property details page. Maximize the impact of your listings by including:

  • High Quality Photos

  • Videos

  • 3D Tours

It goes without question that an abundance of professional and edited photography is an imperative part of any serious listing, but what else can these pictures do for you? Professional photography can capture the interest of a diverse group of buyers, and more interest means more competing buyers for your listing. 69% of realtor.ca visitors click on the photos when they get to the Property Details Page.

Increased competition is frequently associated with higher sales price and shorter time on the market, meaning you’ll be out of your old home sooner, and one step closer to the home of your dreams. These results aren’t magic but are the product of a few hours editing in photoshop, a top notch DSLR Camera and the efforts of a trusted Real Estate Photographer.

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