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Reasons why I call Vaughan, Ontario Home

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

The Greater Toronto Area has many wonderful neighbourhoods, so choosing one to call home is often a matter of personal preference. Convenience is crucial since most people want to live close to their families, commute to work easily, and have access to a variety of attractions in their neighbourhood.

Did you know, The term Toronto is unique and has a life of its own that is very different from the history of the city to say. Starting with areas of indigenous languages that reflected a larger geographic past, and then being modified by the languages of French explorers and later British colonization.

Here are the top reasons why I chose to live in Vaughan,

Just far enough from the city

With so much happening at a stone-throw distance, the city of Vaughan proves to be the commuters' haven. It is located at a very convenient commutable distance from everything that is anywhere in Toronto so you can enjoy your Bluejays game or a latin night at King West.

Countless Opportunities For Active Living

if you enjoy being active, Vaughan is just the place to get out & about. Numerous top-rated golf courses, community centres with fitness clubs, fully-stocked gyms, indoor pools, and ice rinks are just a few of the many options for people with an active lifestyle. No matter your age, there are oh-so-many options available that will improve your quality of life. You can sign up for classes through the City of Vaughan's Recreation Services or simply drop in!

A Bustling Restaurant Scene

Having excellent restaurants close by is always a huge benefit of a neighbourhood whether you're taking your family out for a special night, catching up with friends for a quick drink or lunch, or marking a significant occasion with an elaborate dinner - Vaughan has so much to offer. It can often be challenging to pick between all these local businesses providing a wide variety of world-class cuisines. The most well-known restaurants in Vaughan include Motorino Enoteca, Grazie Ristorante, and Anna Maria Trattoria, but the city is home to many other top-notch restaurants.

Entertainment & Shopping

With oh-so-many ways to entertain yourself, we bet you will never get bored! Some of Vaughan’s biggest attractions include Canada’s Wonderland and Vaughan Mills; A fun nightlife and activities including bars and clubs, a variety of dining options, cinemas, arcades and much more surely makes it tough to choose! Don't quote me on this but, in my opinion, every resident of Vaughan is located no further than 15 minutes from a park or trail.

Also, the subway makes it super easy to access downtown Toronto so - shows, festivals, dining, nightlife and other happening things in TO are also up for grabs once you run out of local options :).

Great Schools

Strong local school zones are a deciding factor for many families when considering where to live. Having to commute to school can be challenging on top of academics. Schools are a crucial part of a child's cultural and social development, a place where they will spend a major part of their early years, meet friends, mature, and discover their skills. In order to find the ideal fit for your child, Vaughan offers a variety of public elementary schools, Catholic elementary schools, private schools and academies, including Montessori.

Strong Public Transit

With access to most major transportation systems in the area, Vaughan is a super-connected city. You can hitch a ride with the TTC, YRT, VIVA, Go, BT and much more - it keeps us moving :)

Safety and Healthcare

York region has the reputation of being one of the safest regions in Canada. Nearly every neighbourhood of Vaughan has a fire station and police services. The city is known for its cutting-edge healthcare services, from walk-in clinics, and family doctors, to brand-new hospitals. Vaughan is constantly improving its healthcare!


The city of Vaughan continues to outpace Ontario and Canada in economic growth and remains a leader in job creation. The City of Vaughan has plans to improve the job market even more by working towards and meeting the needs of the residents by constantly creating jobs in various fields of work. Vaughan values entrepreneurship, as the city has a growing business community with over 9000 existing enterprises.

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