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Moving in Together? Here's What to keep in mind :)

So, you’ve been thinking of moving in with your partner? Congrats! Moving in, as exhilarating as it might sound, presents its own set of unique challenges, from splitting housework, to divvying up money, to figuring out how much time to spend together. Before you jump on and start house-hunting, make sure that you consider these 5 tips to help prepare yourself for cohabitation with your significant other.

Your financials should be an open book!

From the time that you decide to move in together, you both share the burden of the upkeep of your home, plus paying for the utilities, groceries and all of the other fun things that come with renting or buying a home.

However, don’t move in with your partner if you don't want them to know how much money you make or spend. Money stresses can create major issues and are seen to be the primary reasons why people separate. Being able to carry your own weight financially is important when starting your life together.

Have an open and honest conversation about who is paying for what. Will you split the rent or mortgage? or will one person pay rent and the other be paying for food and other bills? Do you put money into a joint account for household expenses or keep your own accounts? These are financial aspects of living together that you need to consider and agree on prior to signing on that dotted line.

Spend a bunch of time deciding how you want to decorate

Our physical environments often stand to be the sanctuary of our mental space. Sit down together and discuss what stays and what goes from the stuff you own. Also, settle on the overall décor and ambiance of your new home as you'll both be sharing that space.

Throughout this process, be considerate of each other's needs and look for solutions that work for both of you. When it comes to differing ideas on taste, open communication is crucial. Never forget that becoming upset or furious won't improve anything!

House chores!

When you begin living together, it's crucial to divide up the household chores as equally as you can. Don't overthink it; even if you are keeping your half of the deal, there will be moments when it will seem like you are doing all the work. Keeping a dry-erase board on the refrigerator is very useful when trying to keep track of these tasks. Change up the responsibilities every now and then. If the chores still need to be done, just have patience!

You will need personal space and time away from home.

Moving in together is a big step in a relationship, and you might feel tempted to spend every waking moment with your new roommate. Maintaining your sense of identity is very crucial, though. Establish a personal area in the room, such as a desk or reading nook.

Also, be sure to schedule time away from your partner. Continue spending time with your friends, getting out on your own, and engaging in your own interests. Additionally, if you maintain relationships with your own friends and interests, you'll always have something interesting to discuss with your partner over dinner :)


Sit down and talk about what kind of place you are looking for and write down your non-negotiables so that you have a clear description of what you're looking for. figure out where you want to look, is there something equidistance between your workspace and where your partner works?


have transparent conversations with your realtor! the more your realtor knows about what you both are looking for in your new house the better as it would help them find you the best match!

Plan your move and remember to enjoy every second of the process!

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